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  • Hire / rent anything, anywhere
    Rent a car, kayak & a bicicle
    From our users:
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    Rent from the professionals

    or from your neighbour
    across the street ...
    Going on holiday and need a car? Need the perfect dress for a big night out? Need to shampoo carpets after a family gathering? Need some DIY tools?
    Whatever you need, wherever you are, there's a good chance you’ll find it all for hire on AnyHire, the global HIRE & RENTAL HUB.
    From dive masks through expensive hand bags, vacuum cleaners to planes with pilots or just about anything else in between, if you need it for only certain period of time, you don't have to buy it. Save money and hire it.
    Don’t waste money buying items you’ll rarely use.
  • Rent your own stuff out
    Rent out things you only use rarely
    Is your closet, garage or shed stuffed with items you rarely use but don’t want to sell? Why not put them to work making money for you?
    How often do you ride that bicycle out in the garage? What about that expensive dress that you bought for special occasion and have not worn since? Could you spare the car bike holders or lawn mower that only sees the light of day twice a year? Cameras, clothes, tools or even your summer house – instead of gathering dust these could be all making you money. You’ve already bought them so why not hire them out? Got skills? List yourself, too!
    Offer your seldom-used items for hire on AnyHire.com.
    Peer-To-Peer hire is here!
    Whether you just have a few items or many,
    all rental listings are completely FREE!
    So why not list everything now? Register and start a new online rental business for yourself today.
  • More sales for your hire business
    Get more rentals using AnyHire.com
    As a rental business owner or manager, you are always on a lookout for opportunities to expand your business, right? Well, there’s one right here!
    AnyHire.com is a hiring hub that makes it easy for new customers to locate and hire your products.
    What does that mean for you?
    More sales & more profit!
    By simplifying and consolidating the whole hiring process, we are able to increase the market to which you have access.
    Expand your sales opportunities by joining now - it's FREE including unlimited rental listings!
    Large inventory? Contact us to learn how we can help you list all your products and keep your listings up to date on AnyHire.com.

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Yeah, this was great. My friend told me about the site so I picked up a kayak for the weekend (which I always had wanted to try). It was way cheaper than what I thought it'd be and the process was easy too. I'll be back. Ta!
Russ Blazer

I took your advice and posted some of my sports equipment on AnyHire.com a few weeks ago and I just got my first order. I'm pretty excited. Now if only the Mrs. would let me do this full time, I'd have time to use the equipment I'm hiring out. Thanks a bunch!
Kawana, QLD

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Why AnyHire.com?

Because we thought that it should be so much simpler to hire anything, anywhere.
Because you can save money and space by renting.
Because you can have an easy additional income from things you don't use often.

Car hire, party hire, costume hire, tools rental, holiday hire, accomodation rental... It is all here under one roof. Truly anything that can be rented, whether from the professionals or individuals, can be found and rented through this site. Anywhere! And you too can list your own items for free!